Mogo Financial Technology Inc is a Canadian financial company based in Vancouver and they are listed in the Toronto Stock Exchange as TSE: MOGO. They have over 900,000 members Canada-wide. Mogo offers some pretty useful free services like Free Credit Score Monitoring and Free Identify Fraud Protection service via their Android/iPhone app. They also offer a prepaid Visa card that is reloadable with no monthly fees or reloading fees.

Credit Score reflects your credit rating, which usually means how much money you have been borrowing and if how well you have been paying them back. When you are applying for a new credit card or renewing or applying for a new mortgage or even simply signing up for a new cell phone plan, your credit score will usually be checked by these lenders or service providers.

Regularly monitoring your credit score is important because if anyone is impersonating yourself and use your identification to apply for a loan or credit product without your consent, you may spot the fraudulent activities earlier. Likewise, if you have a well forgotten credit card or store card that someone as taken possession of and use it to make purchases without your consent, you may also notice an unrecognized debt from your credit report.

On the other hand, if you are wondering why these services are free for you. It’s because Mogo makes profit by also offering high interest rate personal loan to those who decide to borrow money from them. If you happen to be looking for loan products, please remember to shop around for the best offer that suits you the most!

Signup for the free Mogo service is easy. Please use my referral link to signup for the free services below

  • Free Credit Score Monitoring
  • Free Identity Fraud Protection
  • Prepaid Reloadable Visa Card (no monthly fees or loading fees, inactive fee after 90 days)
  • Cryptocurrency (BitCoin trading)

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