Mogo Financial Technology Inc is a Canadian financial company based in Vancouver and they are listed in the Toronto Stock Exchange as TSE: MOGO. They have over 900,000 members Canada-wide. Mogo offers some pretty useful free services like Free Credit Score Monitoring and Free Identify Fraud Protection service via their Android/iPhone app. They also offer a prepaid Visa card that is reloadable with no monthly fees or reloading fees. Credit Score reflects your credit rating, which usually means how much money you have been borrowing and if how well you have been paying them back. When you are applying for a new credit card or renewing or applying for a new mortgage or even simply signing up for a new[…]

🅰️and his brother both prefer to wear their Mom’s homemade masks than the disposable masks. However, there are times when the family needs to pickup a few supplements (Vitamin C, D, Zinc, Garlic, Omega 3 to name a few..) and hand soap, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes during the Pandemic. Amazon (CHS Music affiliate link) and (use promo code “ecomammi10” to get $10 off) are out go to e-stores during the pandemic. Both stores offer Free shipping for $35 and up and the prices are very competitive too.

During pandemic, parents are reluctant to shop for eyeglasses in physical storefront.  Putting on demo glasses frame may freak people out.  However, eyeglasses are actually very good protection gear during this difficult time.  And towards end of the year, the prescription eyeglasses insurance coverage is ending soon too.  Order eyeglasses online is better than ever in this pandemic! With your optometrist’s prescription, you can order prescription eyeglasses online and have them delivered right at your doorstep.  Picking a frame is easy and safe.  All you need to do is upload a photo of yourself and use their tool to locate your two pupils and measure the PD – distance in mm between the center of your two pupils. Clicking through[…]

Unlike Mechanical keyboards which upload the clickiness, membrane keyboards uphold the quietness. The two membrane keyboards below feature ultra-slim thickness, scissor key structure, and chiclet style key caps that resemble high-end laptop keyboard’s look and feel. The result is a sleek low profile quiet (or silent) keyboard.

🅰️received this antique violin as a gift from his dad’s good friend in Hong Kong. The maker, origin, and age of this gorgeously aged violin are unknown. The violin produces a warm mellow tone. A few minor things were then repaired by local Ottawa Luthier Olivia Pelling at Fine Strings. A set of Knilling Perfection Pegs was also added. Olivia also re-haired 🅰️’s other violin bow. 🅰️received this vintage Knilling Pietro Bellini violin from his mom. It’s his first full size violin and comes with Knilling Perfection pegs which make tuning a lot easier. It produces crisp, clear sound with a stunning back piece. It was said to be Italian made from the 1980s. 🅰️’s newer G. Werner Pernambuco violin[…]

🅰️ likes listening to the switches sound 🎵of mechanical keyboards ⌨️ and enjoys the peculiar differences in sound generated by various keycap sizes and shapes. His parents set quite a tight budget 😣 for his computer gear so 🦊 can’t get any cool stuff yet. Indeed most of his computer equipment 💻🖥️are recycled from parents’. This year his summer job plan (already applied) as camp counselor-in-training🏕️ was also screwed due to the pandemic. Lately 🦊got a BTC-5339R-O vintage mechanical keyboard ⌨️ from family friend as they were clearing out their basement. It took a while to get all the adapters needed but its foam and foil switches are making great sound again🎵. If you lives in Canada 🍁 or buy[…]

CHS Music is a specialized Program of the Arts in OCDSB. Entry to the CHS Music Program is by audition only. In 2018 over 700 applicants from Ottawa, surrounding cities, and other provinces auditioned for 237 grade 9 spaces available. There are five Art disciplines: Dance Drama  Music  (Winds/Percussion, Strings or Vocal) Literary Arts Visual Arts Please support the CHS Music students by clicking the Amazon image below to place all your Amazon orders.  Amazon will send commission to the CHS Music Parents Support Group, in support of the quality music program in the enriched environment of CHS. Your ongoing support is truly appreciated. Also check out the Spring Music Night

Members of VS Senior perform every year in a Christmas Concert at the MacKay United Church. You can find the 2018 concert video above and the program below. Trepak (P. I. Tchaikovsky)Valse from the Fairy Tale “Christmas Tree” (V. Rebikov)Ave Maria (J. S. Bach/Ch. Gounod)It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year The Huron CarolThe Holly and the Ivy/First NoëlO Little Town of BethlehemWe Three KingsO Holy Night Christmas Waltz Silver BellsYou’re a Mean One, Mr. GrinchMary Did You Know? (Marek Korkusinski, voice)Moonlight Serenade (G. Miller)Joke Souvenir (I. Frolov)We Wish You a Merry Christmas!