🅰️received this antique violin as a gift from his dad’s good friend in Hong Kong. The maker, origin, and age of this gorgeously aged violin are unknown. The violin produces a warm mellow tone. A few minor things were then repaired by local Ottawa Luthier Olivia Pelling at Fine Strings. A set of Knilling Perfection Pegs was also added. Olivia also re-haired 🅰️’s other violin bow. 🅰️received this vintage Knilling Pietro Bellini violin from his mom. It’s his first full size violin and comes with Knilling Perfection pegs which make tuning a lot easier. It produces crisp, clear sound with a stunning back piece. It was said to be Italian made from the 1980s. 🅰️’s newer G. Werner Pernambuco violin[…]