🅰️ likes listening to the switches sound 🎵of mechanical keyboards ⌨️ and enjoys the peculiar differences in sound generated by various keycap sizes and shapes. His parents set quite a tight budget 😣 for his computer gear so 🦊 can’t get any cool stuff yet. Indeed most of his computer equipment 💻🖥️are recycled from parents’. This year his summer job plan (already applied) as camp counselor-in-training🏕️ was also screwed due to the pandemic. Lately 🦊got a BTC-5339R-O vintage mechanical keyboard ⌨️ from family friend as they were clearing out their basement. It took a while to get all the adapters needed but its foam and foil switches are making great sound again🎵. If you lives in Canada 🍁 or buy[…]